Monday, March 19, 2007

What tires us is chasing happiness-how ironic!

Dont you get the feeling life is becoming hectic? You are running throughout the day for your work, and in between you try to sort out some necessary chores. Then you finally get a holiday. And you make a 26 hour plan for a 24 hour day,and run through it.
I took some time out to retrospect what I did in the past 3 weeks. I was busy working,keeping my house in an inhabitable condition, paying my bills,meeting friends,relatives who want to meet me,and when I got a holiday, we went on a trip which a sane person wouldnt have attempted in 1 day. Well,shouldnt have.
All your life you are chasing. Chasing happiness, satisfaction, contentment, money, etc. I understand that happiness is everyone's ultimate goal. Coz when you chase money,its because you want enough to be able to live happily. What keeps you happy? Do you want to live peacefully,spend time with kids,parents,friends,pets etc, or do you thrive on adrenaline? I belong to the former cadre of people. Well,do we achieve it? Think how your life moves:
10th std- 'You have to study hard now, so that you can get into a good college. When you get that, then you can do timepass,relax'
12th std(in a good college)- 'You have to study hard now so that you can get in a good college. Then you can relax'
Bachelor's degree(from good college)- 'No time to relax. Gotta struggle to be in the rat race.Get good marks for a good placement'
Good company- 'You are in a high class have to struggle to prove your worth'
And so it goes on and on! At every stage in life, you that your future can be happy. What future? At the stages in life when you WANT to relax a bit,spend time with people, chill a bit,those are the stages when you are struggling.
So I feel you have to stop this rat race, this chase. Even if it comes at the cost of losing a bit money, standing up to your boss, parents, etc. Ultimately your happiness will be affected by these people only. You try too hard to please them,you wont be happy, and neither will they!
Time to take a step towards this. Enjoy the present,not the thought of a future. :-)