Thursday, February 22, 2007

MBA dreams (or realities)

I dont know whether this kind of confusion goes on in many MBA aspirants' minds or am I the only one.The past few days have been really bugging me. And the person responsible for this is me! Since last year I had nurtured a dream, or lets say, made a plan, to do an MBA this year. Accordingly I had prepared well, applied to a few institutes, and planned to give a few exams. Well,things didnt go so well. I didnt score well in CAT..94.3 %ile that is. As for the other exams....I always say Murphy is my constant companion....some measly bacteria screwed up my chances for quite a few colleges. Im talkin of typhoid. So what do I do?
What I did was applied to more colleges which I initially hadnt considered much, but if I had to do an MBA this year, I had to consider them now! Here the confusion starts-
Should I compromise on the quality of education or not? Well,its not such a big compromise....these new colleges I applied to arent bad. Still, you deserve better, you can get better;try again next year na. Next year? Whats the guarantee of a better score next year?3 of my friends tried a 2nd time and got a much lower score! But you wont have typhoid next year na! Ya, thats true,but the exams which typhoid screwed up would have gotten me into colleges which are just a little better than the ones Im considering right now, so whats the point in waiting 1 year? Also the market scenario is good enough now so that colleges dont matter much. Ok,but which of the 2 colleges you chose right now are you ok with? Well, abc said that P is better, but xyz said Q is better. P is longstanding and little more reputed,but Q is an upcoming one,with awesome facilities etc. Ok,so which one is it? I dunno..P or Q maybe? Oh ok, or should I wait 1 more year? aaaarrrrghhhh!!!!
To the un-enlightened one,the dialogue is my mind tlakin to itself.... the Libran scales tilting either way. And the 'aarrrghhh' is probaby the reader's reaction on reading this! 'aaarrrghhh' = 'make up your mind dude!'
And you know what? I still havent made up my mind!