Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind-boggling sci-fi

For all those who have seen the movie ‘The Core’, I hope my blog will refresh their memories and for those who have not seen it, I hope I can impress upon them the mind-churning concepts that this epic movie has to offer. (I hope that by now you may have figured out that I am obviously being sarcastic) This movie has revolutionized sci-fi and expanded the borders of the already large ego of the American movie industry.
Till now, the US Govt and Army have been shown to save the Earth from numerous threats like meteors, aliens, and even storms and tsunamis. This movie takes the scene to a new height; the core of the Earth has stopped rotating! So apparently all the electro-magnetic reversals are going to play havoc and as usual destroy every living thing on Earth. Oh, I forgot to mention how the core stopped rotating; the US has developed some machine to start earthquakes! (You know, just casual research and stuff). So during its trials the machine ‘accidentally’ stops the Earth’s core. (Wow!) Now everything starts going haywire; lightning storms destroy Rome, planes crash etc. So its up to the US to find a solution (Of course).
The solution is that somehow, a team has to reach the Earth’s core and plant some bombs there which will just ‘jumpstart’ the core again. (Kinda like pressing restart aint it?) The army starts preparing a hash-dash team now. There is apparently a scientist who has been developing a weapon with a beam of some sort which can vaporize anything. (At this point, the educated film-goer notices that the weapon is supposed to send off ultrasonic waves which destroy things in its path, however the word ‘LASER’ is written on the beam generator, leaving us confused as to whether it is light or sound that destroys things) Also, very conveniently, the scientist has invented a new material which he appropriately names ‘Unobtanium’ which can withstand the beam. Naturally, now a ship can be built from this material, whose headlights will throw the beams and sitting inside it, the team will just dig into the Earth till they reach the core. And they just happen to have a lady astronaut at hand who can drive the ship. To demonstrate her ability, she takes one look at the ship, for the first time in her life, and starts pointing out flaws in the next minute. (See, every problem has a simple solution)
At this point, the US army feels the need to have a hacker on the team. (God knows why) So they find some teenage kid who’s supposed to be the best hacker AND electronics and telecommunications expert in the world. To demonstrate his abilities, the kid takes the cell phone of a scientist, opens it, sticks a bubble gum wrapper in it and declares that the phone can now make long-distance calls free for life!(Reliance Telecom can use someone like that!)
Now the team starts the ship, aims it downward and dives down into the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, since it is the lowest point on Earth. So now they have less to dig in order to reach the core. Now, while diving, they start their ultrasonic beam. And what do you know, the beam apparently is pleasant and melodious to dolphins, who converse with each other using ultrasound. (The scientist says its like the ship is singing to the dolphins. How nice!) So anyway, after entertaining the fish, they reach the bottom of the Earth’s crust and then start penetrating into it. The solid part seems to be no problem. It just exerts a pressure on the ship which would make a nuclear bomb seem like a balloon bursting. But of course, the Unobtanium has no problems with that. Now between the solid crust and the molten magma layers, they find themselves in an empty space, with actually nothing. At this point, they GET OUT from the ship to explore! (Perhaps their dresses are made from Unobtanium too) The ceiling looks dark and has some points glowing, which makes the astronaut feel right at home, as if she’s in outer space. The scientist reaches the conclusion that they are trapped in a ‘gem bubble’ (Whatever that is) So after sightseeing for a while they go down again.
When they reach the core, they find that its density is higher than what they thought, so the bombs aren’t going to be enough. So they decide to take some ultrasonic beam generators out of their ship and plant those along with the bombs. IN the Earth’s CORE! And lo and behold, when the charges go off, the core starts rotating again. (Hurray!) Now there’s another problem. Since they gave away some of their beam generators, they don’t have enough energy to reach the surface. (The ultimate sacrifice wasn’t it?) Well, the game is not over. They remember the dolphins now. They gather enough energy to call out to the dolphins with their ultrasound. When the dolphins gather together and start talking (maybe they are singing along to the tune of the ship), the dolphins’ voices lend the extra ultrasound energy needed for the ship! So the ship returns, the core is rotating, Rome is free from storms, and airplanes can fly again. The US once again has saved the planet. (Sigh!)
Never underestimate Hollywood guys! I rank this movie right up there with our own Jaani Dushman cadre of movies.

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Anjana Talapatra said...

Wow I really need to watch this movie right now!! you have me intrigued. Unfortunately however I believe that none of these can hold a candle to our Bollywood fare..Be it Jaani Dushman or Gunda :D..or even the Mosambi song!! In one of our Bollywood pangs my room-mate and I watched some 70's movie titled Swarg Narak. It's an unbeliveable classic..the end has a sequence detailing an analogy between a bride and fresh's hilarious!! here's the link. watch from 6.46 onwards :D